Friday, June 1, 2012

Back in town

June first and one of the nicest days of the year so far. Perhaps in the history of days. How can you not love a perfect day in June. I went to the park, Como Park, braving the University Avenue bottleneck where they are putting in the new light rail spur. The lake and the area around the lake are even more attractive this year. The project to improve the shore line has encouraged lots of wildlife to take up residence on the big lake. A great blue heron was there today and I tried to get his portrait, but he was chased off his perch in the water by a squawking red winged blackbird who didn't want that big creature anywhere near his nest.

I walked out on to the dock by the pavilion. The water was calm and it was a peaceful scene as I continued my walk around the lake.

There were some ducklings on Como Lake, following their mother in a morning swim around the bay. There are lots of baby creatures this time of year, most just learning how to survive in the wild.

The Como Conservatory was busy, too. I went over across the bridge and past the new construction, past the butterfly garden and watched some school kids on a field trip entertain themselves. Several were rolling down the hill by the Frog Pond, racing to see who could get to the bottom first, or maybe who could get dizzy first. The buses were from the suburbs, Bloomington for one, and they came to St Paul for their field trip. A good choice, I'd say.

I liked the walk across the pedestrian bridge to the other side of Lexington with the beautiful June sky in the background.

There was no tennis today. We reconvene tomorrow morning at 8:30 and Curt will be back in town.

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Santini said...

Nice of you to take us for a stroll through Como. It fit in nicely with the 'tranquility' theme for June 1.

Cold, rain and all around miserable weather here.