Monday, June 18, 2012

Day of the Tousan

Yesterday was Father's Day, and it has been our tradition to go to the Sculpture Garden over by Walker Art Center on Father's Day. This year the Prairie Princess has assumed a new role as Daughter of Norway and currently resides in Aas, Norway. Thus not available for the trip to visit the Spoonbridge and the lesser known works of art at the Garden. We waited until late afternoon, after a session of iChatting with the girl, before setting out. As it turned out, it rained really hard when we got there, so we changed plans, ate some dinner at Mai Village and then returned to the Garden. The rain had stopped, and eventually the sun came out and the tradition continued.  Photos were taken.

The Spoonbridge is kind of a symbol of Minneapolis. It's image is used often in ads as shorthand for the biggest city in Minnesota. I like the sculpture. It's a little odd and in a very picturesque location.  Yesterday, as always, there were a lot of people milling around in the Garden - even a wedding party who were taking photos of the bride and groom by the art.  They had arrived in a very pink limousine.


Unky Herb posing next to the Spoonbridge pool with camera in hand. He was taking photos and stopped to be a subject for a moment.


One of my favorite spots in the Sculpture Garden - the place with the mirrors. I almost always try to take some sort of unique photo with UH and me in the frame (and PP when she's available.)


 It was a nice Father's Day.  And UH bought me a new axe to take the place of the one that used to belong to Abe Lincoln, the one that he unfortunately broke the handle of. 

Today. It was hot and humid, but it was a scheduled day for tennis with the Cadre of Codgers. Eight of us showed up and we moved the game to the Sibley High School courts. The thermometer in my car read 92 degrees on the way to the courts, but there was minimal wind and tennis went pretty well. It was, however, a day for two water bottles and only two sets of competition.   Rich was in town and he joined us in play.  In fact he was my partner - strictly by chance - for both sets today. No heat stroke was recorded.


Retired Professor said...

It sounds (and looks) like you had a good, traditional Fathers Day. Day of the Tousan, indeed.

Nice photos from the gardens, too. Also traditional.

A new axe? Or a new head and a new handle for the old one?

Jimi said...

A brand new axe, made in India with a fiber glass handle.

Santini said...

Fiber glass? Decidedly not Abe's axe any more.