Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baying at the moon

I'm a fan of folk art, whatever that means. The Twin Cities has several sites where sculpture has been purchased or rented by the city fathers and is on display. A lot of people have probably seen these beauties, but it was the first time I've encountered them. The PW and I, in an effort to get some leg strengthening exercise and a chance to enjoy quite a nice day, decide to walk around a Minneapolis lake. I'm a Saintly City guy mostly, but new territory is always nice to experience. There are some works of folk art stationed on the east side of Lake Nokomis, a place I haven't visited in quite a while, at least on foot. It's a nice walk besides, maybe about three miles. This one is called "Baying at the Moon."


Close by is this other sculpture made of local materials. "Recycled Deer" has ears made from previously used bike pedals.


It was a rest day for tennis bums here.  It was a better day for tennis than yesterday, but that's how scheduling goes sometimes.  The wind has abated a bit and tomorrow promises good hitting conditions.

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Santini said...

It looks more like a Unicorn than a deer to me. Pretty cool stuff.