Thursday, June 14, 2012

Armstrong charged with doping

The headline in the Minneapolis Fish Wrap from this morning reported on the beginning of a bad week for a certain TDF seven time winner.

My day was a mixed bag. [Interesting expression. I'll have to look up its etymology.] I had a appointment with a medical lab to donate a bit of blood to feed their pack of backroom vampires, and perhaps get a cholesterol reading somewhere in the normal zone.

When I got home the infrared weather map of the USA looked like this.


Soon thereafter my electricity went out. Xcel Energy's electric grid took a hit and I was without power for about three hours. My garage door opener, radio, TV, microwave oven, and internet all require juice. I was left with my cell phone, a battery operated radio, and whatever local stuff I could do on my laptop without the grid. I edited old genealogy files for a while, talked a bit on the phone, and organized my photos on iPhoto (blessedly local).

The power came back at about 2 p.m and I had a message from the lab that my tests were done. I went to their web site and found my cholesterol reading after three months without cheese (or pizza - a better form of cheese) was 173. Normal zone attained.

I'm going to call Papa Murphy's and celebrate a bit. [Just kidding].


Santini said...

Woo Hoo!! That is excellent news. (The cholesterol level, not the Armstrong stuff.)

Jimi said...

Yep, I took your advice and watched the intake of saturated fats. It also seemed to bring down my blood sugar. It's a good thing that I like veggie burgers.

Santini said...

Funny you should mention that your blood sugar numbers were down. Mine have been in the normal range for quite a while now, too. I didn't connect it to the saturated fat, but assumed it was due to counting carb servings and other diet changes I made, all about the same time.

I'm really glad it worked for you. I'd rather change my diet than take another pill. Congrats, and keep up the good work.

Jimi said...

I'm with you on pills. Thanks.

My sugar numbers were the lowest that I've ever had measured with blood tests over ten years. I wonder if there is some saturated fat connection, too. I don't think I changed my carb intake, but, if so, it was unconscious.