Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring springs early

My car thermometer registered 59 degrees this afternoon in the Saintly City. The mild winter has seemingly given way to an early mild spring. It's a little early to declare spring, but it's tempting. I walked over to Linwood Park this morning before the warmest part of the day. There was still some snow on the ground, but by tomorrow it is likely to be all liquid.

I'm back from my visit to the Sunshine State and am getting used to being home again. My normal tennis routine begins again tomorrow and I'm ready to play again. It's been a week since my two matches in Spring Hill with the old coach, and I'm feeling strong - even without wind behind me. I'm curious to see if the other geezers have recovered from their various injuries and infirmities, and whether they are back on the courts. Tomorrow is a Fort Snelling day.

 Proof that I actually play some tennis. That's me, TT, hitting a forehand in Spring Hill last Wednesday.


Santini said...

That first photo looks like winter to me. I don't imagine that snow will stick around long, though.

Retired Professor said...

Credit to the photographer?

Jimi said...

Credit: First photo by TT; second photo by PW.

It was winter in the morning and by afternoon spring had sprung.