Friday, March 2, 2012

Spanish Moss

After we mailed a large box of pine cones back to Minnesota via the USPS, we had a mosey through the ribbon park along the Peace River, or maybe it's Charlotte Harbor. It has been upgraded in the last couple of years and this year I discovered quite a number of artistically painted park benches. Park benches have been a theme on occasion in this blog and Santini's blog, so I took some photos to tide me over on slow days. One of the better ones is pictured at the end of this blog entry. There was good-natured talk between Santini, PW and I as we sauntered along the park trails. At one point PW expressed a wish to be pictured as taller than Santini and since she is about six inches shorter, it took a little camera magic, but I think we got 'er done with this shot.

There is a lot of Spanish moss in the park, and I picked out one which is especially resplendent and took a photo. Spanish moss is not often seen in Minnesota forests, if at all. Here is some Spanish moss hanging from a compliant tree.

And this is one of those really nicely painted benches at the ribbon park along the Peace River.


Mrs. Smith said...

The bench is beautiful and yesterday's sunset photo gorgeous. I do think the shot of PW being taller than Santini could have been a bit more subtle! I wish I could have joined you all on the walk along the Peace River. Grey and slushy around here.

Santini said...

It was a good day for silly photos.
I look forward to seeing more of your bench photos on slow days -- the one you chose for this post is one of my favorites, too.