Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peace River Wildlife Center vs Electricity

It was a warm day today in southwest Florida - 83 degrees and no sign of snow drifts, and since we were in the need of a less cluttered day, we waited until the afternoon and took a drive to Punta Gorda and the Peace River Nature Center. It was also theme day for bloggers who care about that sort of thing and the theme "electricity" seemed a little boring, but I looked for some way to connect Juan Ponce de Leon, raptors and mangroves to electricity and came up dry. Nonetheless there were some interesting sights to be seen. This gray heron was  perched on the roof of the raptor center minding his own business as we meandered by. I think he represents pretty well the kind of birds that reside at the raptor center. They mostly have injured birds that are healing from wounds, but there are other smaller creatures and birds - pelicans, terns and even a possum on a tread mill. Not much electric about any of that.

Back at the house of Santini there are flowers and other beautiful bloggable things having very little to do with electricity. For instance, a beautifully hued hibiscus from Santini's neighbor.

The sunsets are really nice here nearly every day. Again, not electric, but very pretty.   Another beautiful Florida sunset from a couple of days ago.

There will be baseball pictures again soon. We're going to see the opening game of spring training on Saturday - Twins vs. Rays at Hammond Stadium in Fort Meyers. I'm hoping to see both Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau on the field at the same time - a rare occurrence in last year's unfortunate season.

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Santini said...

It was a hot and sticky afternoon, nothing electric about that either. I always enjoying checking out Ponce and the Wildlife Center. Your photos do justice to a nice day well spent. (The food was good, too.)