Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crosby Farm Park trail

After spending much of the morning fighting with tax forms, I took a walk down by the river to clear my head and to get ready for Thursday night tennis. It was about 55 and sunny, so a really nice day in March especially for a stroll in the woods. There weren't many folk about - a runner, a biker, a couple of mushroom hunters, and the guy from the Mosquito Control District testing for larva in Upper Lake. It's been dry, so I hope there weren't many mosquitoes getting ready to emerge from their winter sleep.

The river is low, but also ice free. The trees are beginning to green up, but their leaves do not yet obscure the view of the river.

A trail by the big river. The river is just off to the right. I spent about an hour moseying along the path and then went home for another shot at tax forms. I still have about two weeks before I need to mail them, but it's nice to be near the end of this annual task.


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Santini said...

I gave up and emailed the comment. It seems to work now, though. Sigh.

Jimi said...

Sorry about blogger's inability to take comments. I got the email. Thanks for trying so many times to get through.

Santini said...

No problem. Glad it is finally working.