Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marjorie McNeely Spring Flower Show

For a March day it was pretty warm and not a trifle windy. The GFTNC was in town, so we decided to take in the spring flower show at the Como Conservatory. It's spring break for some of the schools around, but the attendance at the Sunken Garden wasn't too over whelming. The flowers are always bright and colorful for the shows. This year it seems like the tulips are passed their prime, much like the ones outside. They seem to have been fooled by the early spring and some were about to drop some of their petals. The flower show would then be a stem show, I guess.

I managed to get a photo of a nearly empty of humanity garden. The room also smelled like a very good perfume. Spring flowers at the Conservatory are a treat while we wait for the outside ones to bloom.

Nice flowers in the display.

Some red flowers in the Sunken Garden.

"Play Days", a 1925 sculpture by Harriet Frishmuth, has graced the sunken garden for a good number of years. Earlier this spring they removed it to be cleaned and otherwise restored. They did a good job and now the copper tarnish is gone and they added a protective coat of some kind to keep the tarnish from returning too soon.

"Crest of the Wave," another Harriet Frishmuth sculpture stands in an interior area of the Conservatory. It has yet to be restored, but it seems to have used the same model for its creation.

The show was very impressive and we followed up the visit to the Sunken Garden with a walk around Lake Como. The ice is completely out and the mallards have returned from Ollie's Pond to begin again the circle of life in this city lake.


Mockingbird77 said...

These are really beautiful photos! (:

Emily Miller said...

Those are some excellent photos of really pretty flowers. I may have to wander over there and check it out - do you know how long the Spring Flower Show lasts?

Santini said...

I agree with Emily -- great photos of really pretty flowers. The Sunken Garden never disappoints.

Din Soster said...

Loved the reference to Ollie's Pond.

Jimi said...

Emily: the flower show runs until April 22. Plenty of time to see the lilies, but the tulips are not going to last that long.