Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Day after Pie Day

I'm sorry to admit that I forgot completely about π day (pie day). March 14 has come and gone without so much as a slice of key lime or apple crunch pie filling my pie hole (π hole??). I am truly sorry.

 It's too early for this, but the crocuses refused to stay in the ground when there is this much warmth in the atmosphere. These were sticking their heads up in one of my neighbors lawns, unaware that it is still only the ides of March. "Beware," says I.

It was down to about 63 degrees as a high temperature today, mostly because we had some clouds, but the weekend promises to be another set of record breakers.

 The walk around the neighborhood revealed some other blooms, too. There were even some purplish crocuses raising their heads through the dried leaves.

These tennis players were playing outside for the first time of the season. At least it's the first time I saw anyone smacking balls at the Linwood tennis courts since sometime last October.

I, myself, went inside for tennis today at Wooddale. Since we play at 6:30, we needed the artificial lights much more than the heating system in this most strange March. I played two and a fraction of mixed doubles, splitting the sets and enjoying the opportunity to compete an this very appealing activity - especially for a guy who was born during World War II.

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Santini said...

Northern crocuses? I have got to get home! I'm missing Spring.

I like the new side-bar photo.

I thought someone would do the 'beware the Ides of March' thing.