Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two things

First thing. NCW and I went for an early afternoon walk. The sun was shining and the temperature about 28º. A nice day in these parts. When we walked by Billy's on Grand, a local watering hole, I noticed the entrance to the joint. Glass cubes perhaps. I looked again. They looked like ice. I asked, partly to myself, "Is that ice?" A guy standing inside nodded. "It's ice," he indicated with his nod. I don't know how they made the ice cubes, but they're a bit of decoration that wouldn't work in many places in the country. They don't work here that often either, but January is different. The bar also had some big blocks of ice, suitable for ice carving, standing in the patio area. I think this has to do with the Winter Carnival which is about to begin here. Maybe the Crashed Ice downhill race. I'd still like to know how they made the cubes.

The ice cubes hanging from cords form a doorway to the outdoor patio drinking area. NCW for scale.

Second thing. Grapenuts cubed. Real Grapenuts, dried grapes (raisins), grape juice; walnuts, almond milk. This just doesn't fit on the cooking blog, but it makes a fine breakfast.

Tennis tonight at Wooddale, mixed doubles with Jerry and the hard core girls.


Santini said...

Very neat ice cubes -- quite a unique effect.

Grapes cubed? That's a lot of cubes for one post, Funnyman.

Mrs Smith said...

Very cool (or should I say frozen) entryway. This is an unusual January for sure. I am heading to Lanesboro tomorrow to visit my friend Bonnie. I will try to score some cod.