Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It's January and I had some fun looking at old photos again. Some of them were pretty small, but scanning them in allows me to make them bigger and my photo editor allows them to be restored, in a way, to better see what's portrayed.

I love this photo, even though Santini has her eyes closed. The clothes hanging on the line, Uncle John on the side, the wagon and the shirt that the Moohoo kid is wearing are nice elements. Both kids have a piece of paper in their hands, Report cards? I know about where it was taken - Grandpa's farm, but I'm not sure what year.

There are four kids in this photo. I think that I'm the one most obscured. Any idea what year this was?  I don't remember that car.  A Pontiac?

Who are the kids? What year was it taken? Notice the cast on the Moohoo kid.  I think it was taken in Ericson's yard.  What kind of car is sitting behind them?  NCW thinks it's a Chrysler product.  The one across the alley, I think, is a Studebaker.


Santini said...

I know nothing.

SWAG -- Billy Laine? (Or was it Billie Lane?) An Erickson kid?

Gino said...

Photo 1: Edge of the driveway, floating car headlight just at margin left. Ground falling away pretty rapidly behind the clothes line, chicken coop possibly just out of frame right? As for year I'm thinking those look like motherless children.

Photo 2: These children all have a mother. Very close in time to yesterday's vaterphoto, you can see the same dark cement colored repair to the stucco on the front steps in both photos. The car looks General Motors to me, we never had any GM at that time except that Pontiac and I do not think that is a Pontiac. Plus the old man usually pulled the car either all the way around or at least back towards the back door. I do not recall him parking there by the side door.

The children seemed more formally dressed than they ordinarily would have been for just a day at home. I am saying Sunday and visitors. The GM car brought the visitors.

You can see Greenway Grade School in the distance behind the house.

Photo 3: That's Billy Lane on photo right next to the Erickson kid. Who I am pretty sure is NOT Kenny, seems more a size I would have at that point associated with Jimmy? The next to the broken armed kid? Sorry, don't know. I do know I only broke my arm the one time and it was Billy Lane who did it by pushing me and my speeding tricycle (see yesterday's photo) over as I attempted to set a tricycle land speed record on the sidewalk out in front of our houses. Also I concur that Bill Lane the Elder was a Studebaker kind of guy and that he parked his car there in the side yard near the back door to his house rather than use the more conventional location of garage and driveway located some greater distance away across the large expanse of Lane back yard.

I'm thinking the other car is a 47 or 48 or so Plymouth, possibly a Dodge. I concur, it looks Chrysler to me.

Jimi said...

Photo 1 could have been the summer of 1954 when you and Sylvi spent the summer at the farm. That may explain the absence of older siblings. I still wonder about the pieces of paper in the hands of the subjects.

Santini said...

My braids only looked that bad when Dad did them. (Mom did French braids.)

Santini said...

The old grade school in photo 2 puts a date on it -- I went to 6th grade in the new VanDyke school. So if the grade school was still there the photo was taken in 1955 or earlier.

Jimi said...

In photo 3, is that Andy Dasovich? The Ericson kid is Jimmy. NCW remembers him, too.

Gino said...

Can someone request review by the eldest kid in photo 2?

Santini said...

I thought about Andy Dasovich, but I don't remember him looking like that. I also think it's Jimmy Erickson.

That oldest kid doesn't read blogs. TT might get a response from him if he posted it on FB. Maybe.

Gino said...

Photo 1 Santini is older than 10 and KidMoohoo is older than 8. See for comparison the Anderson cousin photos published November 17. The year is fairly well established for those as '53. The children in photo 1 are more than a year older than the November 17 children so I don't think photo 1 is '54. More like '56.

For photo 3 I think Andy Dasovich is brilliant and probably correct. He was pretty much exactly my age and in the photo he is pretty much exactly my size.

Further KidMoohoo saith not at this point.