Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snow falls and January continues

The weather is almost always a talking point in Minnesota in the five months or so when it's winter. Today is no exception. It wasn't so cold, but the snow began to fall this morning and made the roads slippery and not much fun to drive on. The sidewalks weren't any better. They're shoveled now, at least by my house, but the snow'll be blowing around and I'll probably shovel again before the day is completely done.

I took a few photos just to show how hard the snow was coming down.

It's snowing when facing north, too. It was an all day snowfall which is just now giving up and changing over to a brisk wind.  Notice that the orange bladed shovel remains at the ready.  Eli, the wooden headed giraffe, is in the window, but indiscernible through the flakes.

Besides the shoveling, I managed a walk to Grand Avenue with NCW, and later on I'm planning to smack some tennis balls at Wooddale Tennis. I broke a racket string last Saturday and I'm getting the racket back, restrung, tonight. It's an old racket - at least 12 year old technology - but one of the pros at Wooddale keeps telling me that it's one of the best models ever made. I'll be glad to have it back. I played with my back-up racket yesterday and it just didn't feel the same. The results were okay, but there is a certain aesthetic that must be attained.

January must be endured.


Santini said...

Your world is in black and white.

Who doesn't like to talk about the weather? I find it fascinating -- and sometimes dreadful.

I checked sunrise and sunset recently, and though daylight is lengthening in total, and the sun is setting later, the sun is also rising later. What's the deal with that?

BDE said...

I braved the roads to go to a movie tonight which seemed like an excellent idea on the way there and a terrible idea on the way home (as I slowed down for an accident ahead). I recommend seeing Wild but on a less cold and snowy day.

Jimi said...

The day start/end is a bit of a mystery. It seems to be related to the nature of the earth's orbit. It's an oval not a circle. The important stat is the length of daylight.

There were nearly 700 accidents on Minnesota roads yesterday. Be careful out there. I'll see "Wild" on a less life threatening day, probably.