Monday, January 26, 2015


It's his birthday again. 106. My dad in Coleraine in about 1955. Dating these pictures any more accurately than that is beyond me today.  I think the trike behind him belonged to Mr. Moohoo.  The bulge in his shirt pocket was probably a pack of Raleigh's, his eventual undoing.

A photo in Minneapolis sometime around 1975. About 20 years later.

He's been gone now nearly 39 years. I still remember his birthday, but there's nowhere to send a card. This is as good as I can do in that area. Happy birthday to the old guy.


Santini said...

I'd date that first photo a little earlier, I think. Two clues -- he's "almost" smiling, and he looked awfully grim by trike riding season in 1955. Also, GZ was 8 in 1955 -- too old for a trike. Definitely Coleraine, so it's an early 50's photo for sure. 1952 or '53 is my guess.

Nice post. He'd appreciate the thoughts, for sure.

Jimi said...

I think your date estimates are pretty good. I don't know the occasion. I don't seem to have any others from the same day.