Saturday, January 10, 2015


It's Santini and JB's fiftieth wedding anniversary and I have one photo of the occasion. It's not as clear or as good as the ones seen here.  I'm not sure who took the photo, but I was there, and so was Mr Moohoo.

Not many marriages last this long and it's a testament to longevity and ability to adjust to one's partner's idiosyncrasies. Nice. I wish you many more happy years.


Santini said...

My maid of honor and college roommate, Marguerite. My best friend from Fertile, Vicki. I don't remember seeing this one in my stack of photos, but I do remember it. Thanks for posting it.

We had a nice long chat over Skype with OSLO and the grands this afternoon. TJ got all three locations into one conference call (the college girl was at college) and it was almost as good as being in the same room with them. We had dinner at Olive Garden, and generally agreed to try for 51 years. It was a nice day.

OSLO said...

Nice picture. It is awesome to know that my parents have stood the test of time and are still here to have this occasion. Not everyone is lucky enough to have this. I enjoyed the story shared by my mom on her blog and am very happy as their child that I have both parents together this long, and many more years to come I hope.

Thank you for sharing.


Santini said...

JB chose to not take the "adjusting to one's partner's idiosyncrasies" comment personally. He expressed agreement with it and found it amusing, however. As did I.

It's a little bit like a perfect attendance award, though.