Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walking in the fog

It was foggy pretty much all day by the big lake. I walked on the beach a couple of times down towards Big Red, once alone and once with NCW, but the fog held on. PP went out on the paddle board for much of the morning and I took a lot of photos of her standing up and paddling through the fog. The photos remain in my private vault. She said that the fog line was evident from out on the lake where she was paddling away.

We had lunch. Nancy and the Grands came and took PP to Coast Guard Days in Grand Haven. The fog held on. We went out for dinner, came back and the sun was still obscured by fog. So we went for a walk in the neighborhood and down to Tunnel Park. I hoped for a break in the fog and perhaps a sunset. The fog continued. I took a photo of Santini and NCW where there should have been a sunset beginning. Too much fog. I gave up and came back to chow down a handful of Blue Crop berries.

At least the fog didn't obscure the beach house, seen here from the dune down by the big lake in the morning.  There is, however, mist in the air.

Nonetheless, it was a good day. Every day by the big lake is a good day.


Santini said...

Just one question. Was it foggy?

(Nice post!)

Jimi said...

It was foggy.