Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Before and during

The Prairie Princess fixed dinner tonight for NCW and me at her apartment at Sherrie's house. It was an appreciated act of mercy, since we are without kitchen facilities, i.e. sans stove. We had spaghetti and uncured bacon, a special delicacy by the young lady who can't seem to get enough bacon. And brussels sprouts. It was very good.

 Here is a view of the kitchen as it appeared about a week ago. Some work was required to get it to the state that it is in today. Mostly it involved removing stuff, a lot of which just recently passed one hundred years of age.

This essentially depicts the current state of that part of the kitchen.

At some point there will be an after photo. Some of this is fun, but mostly it's disrupting to my easy going life style.


Mrs Smith said...

Wow. I cannot wait to see the after pictures (and the after reality the next time we gather to have Thanksgiving or whatever at your house)!

Santini said...

Wow is right. 100 years is long enough, though. I'm one of those who likes a nice remodeling project every 10 or 15 years, though. Change is often a good thing, at least in retrospect. You'll be fine.

Gino said...

Excellent beginning. That PVC plumbing doesn't look 100 years old. Did Rob put that in during his previous invasion of your space?

Emily M said...

I'm very excited to see how it all turns out. Good of PP to make dinner - she usually has excellent bacon.

Santini said...

That sound like a tasty meal. Maybe PP will fix it for us while she's here? I love brussels sprouts.

Jimi said...

GZ: The PVC pipe is Rob's work from the bathroom fix about six years ago. He left that in place, but replaced everything below it.

Santini: I'm sure that PP will be glad to make her version of bacon spaghetti. She almost always has excellent bacon.