Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dragon Boat Races

Yesterday was the annual Dragon Boat races at Lake Phalen in St Paul. The Prairie Princess has been practicing for the race for several weeks and was part of the recruiting group for her team. As race day approached some of the boat paddlers dropped out and she had to get subs.  As luck would have it, Unky Herb has had experience with these races and was able to fill in. At the last moment, NCW's daughter, Sherrie was recruited to fill another seat in the boat. She has had paddling experience and it sounded like fun to her.

NCW and I went to watch, as did UH's future mother-in-law, Laibin, and her boyfriend, Lao Rei. (I'm not sure of the spelling of the Chinese names.) We rode together and gathered on the shores of Lake Phalen to watch four heats that our favorites were asked to participate in. The boats were timed and the best times determined the winners. After it was all completed, later in the night, we learned that they finished in fourth place, a very respectable showing.

Unky Herb is the rear seat with the orange hat.  Sherrie is two seats ahead of him.

A closer shot failed to include Unky Herb, but both Sherrie and the Prairie Princess are pictured straining to win the heat.  PP is on the far side of the boat, near the front with sunglasses.  Sherrie is on the near side, stage left.

It was a pleasant diversion from the bustle going on in my house, where Rob and his men are redoing my 100 year old kitchen. It's a big job, and one well overdue.


Santini said...

That looks like fun! (To watch, not to participate.) 4th sounds respectable to me. I hope they all went out for ice cream afterwards.

Jimi said...

No ice cream, but they did have a banquet with, very probably, very good Asian cuisine. They earned every egg roll they ate.

Emily Miller said...

New kitchen? Are there going to be dramatic in progress and before/after photos on the blog? That would be great!