Monday, July 28, 2014

July shouldn't be this chilly

It was cooler today than one might expect in July, so our beach activities were somewhat curtailed, but we decided that some tennis at Wendt Park would be a good way to spend the morning. NCW took the photo of PP and I just before we began to hit tennis balls. She asked us to turn our backs, perhaps so that the Hope College jacket would dominate. In any case I like the photo and it shows a little how cold this week is.

The Prairie Princess striking the a tennis ball with force and grace.

We stopped for a five pound box of blueberries at Bowerman's after tennis. The best tasting variety, the Blue Crops, are the ones they are selling now. They were $12 for 5 pounds - a bargain. We also bought some of their blueberry preserves. They run a thriving U-Pickem trade this time of year. The parking lot was packed.

The ladies and I went for a walk after dinner. The destination was to be Tunnel Park, but it was cold; a wind chill warning should have been issued. See below. Instead we opted for a leisurely stroll around Idlewood and Sunset Bluff. It was warmer and less stress inducing. And sadly, the clouds obstructed the sun and the sunset was obscured and not available for photography.

And PP made a sweet potato pie that was still warm when we returned from the neighborhood amble. It was great. It's a lot like pumpkin pie, but with a different texture and somewhat different taste. I'm hoping that she posts the recipe on the Family Recipe Blog.


Santini said...

A cute set of photos. I like the top one best of the set, I think.

Sorry about the weather -- I hope it warms up some over the next few days. It feels very September-like right now.

BDE said...

I like the last photo. It is so cute and it makes it very clear that it is CHILLY there! I hope the warm, sunny weather we are having is traveling in your direction.