Saturday, July 19, 2014


NCW and I took a quick trip to Swan Lake to get some items to be ready for the upcoming August wedding. It was a chance to see a July Swan Lake sunset. It was pretty nice, and well worth the trip. The photos, however, don't always capture the full beauty of the setting sun. The color of the sun and its reflection across the surface of the lake were both luscious and deeply orange. Photography, at least this time, didn't match reality, but maybe you'll get the general idea.

The loons weren't out tonight, but a bald eagle soared by close to the water's surface, looking for a fish meal. I had very little chance to get his photo, but I think he got a fish.

The gazebo by the shore is a fine place to watch the sun go down. NCW is wistfully watching the orange sun setting over her lake.

Soon, we'll resume our kitchenless existence in river city. There'll be some progress to report as the project reaches fruition. But for tonight, the lake is a comforting companion.


Santini said...

Still lovely photos -- and I have the same issue with my camera for sunset photos. (No surprise, since it's the same camera.) I've started to experiment with some different settings.

The gazebo! My favorite spot -- a great place for a mosquito free nap. And I'm pretty sure that NCW's lake house has a very functional kitchen.

If my plan works out, I'll be there before the leaves fall.

BDE said...

Beautiful sunset picture, although I do wish the oranges were a bit more luscious! The gazebo picture perfectly depicts wistfulness.