Sunday, September 11, 2011

Serena; Not a beast today

Sam Stosur, a fine Aussie tennis player, beat Serena today to become US Open champion. She was the first Aussie to win a major title since Evonne Goolagong. Congrats.

Just a few photos today. Santini and I did a bit of mugging for the camera and the result is relatively cute, especially for a couple of relatively aged siblings. MOTU took the photo.

The COTU were here today. We had a couple of jaunts to Tunnel Park. The autumn dune grass is somewhat modified from the summer version, with seed heads appearing and growing in size. These were encountered at the bottom of the dune on the way to the park with the tunnel through the dune.

These guys were my companions on the way to the park. MOTU (Unky Herb) was there too, standing behind me taking the same photo from a slightly different angle. Nicole, Nancy and TJ. We had a rollicking good time walking down the beach.

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Santini said...

Your sister is quite attractive. As are her grandchildren. And daughter. Just a good looking group.