Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bob's House

The leaves are turning to their varied colors as the season gets serious about changing. I took a road trip to get a better look at the state of the color in the northern part of the state. There are some very pretty sunsets in the north, too, so when one happened I took a picture of it. This one was on Swan Lake.

I was close enough to Hibbing to want to stop for a low key pilgrimage to Bob Zimmerman's house. I've been here before - I think for the last TRAM that we took - we being the team of Santini e Fratelli. Bob used to live on this street which has since been renamed in his honor by some of the city fathers.

And this is his one time home on Bob Dylan Drive. I don't think he gets back there very often, but Hibbing does celebrate Bob Dylan Days every year, just to honor a famous former resident and maybe to get a few extra tourists into town.

And since I've been in possession of these old photos from Santini, I should post one or two from time to time. This one is Lillie Miller and her oldest son, Tommy, in about 1942 - almost 70 years ago.


Retired Professor said...

That is indeed a pretty sunset over Swan Lake. I remember that TRAM, and that team.

Bob... wasn't he the guy that took the photos of us on TRAM?

Jimi said...

RP: Not that Bob. The photographer Bob was a southern Minnesota guy.

Gino said...

Ooooo, Hibbing. Fun.

Any big hole in the ground pictures?