Monday, September 26, 2011

Not much September left

The trees are working on changing to the vivid colors that mean autumn is really here.  The statuary at Minnehaha Falls is still backed by the green leaves of summer, but the feel of fall is in the air.   I had a good weekend, exploring the parks that I've been to in the summer months and looking for signs of change - both in the great out of doors and in myself.  Hiawatha and Minnehaha in the park seem to have found each other and have arrived at a stable relationship.

My cache of new "old" pictures from my visit to Santini are scanned in and ready for display. The first is from the 1930's sometime. Lillie, foremother of a lot of my readers is standing on the bridge over the Yellow River in northwest Wisconsin.  I've crossed that bridge, or a newer version of it, innumerable times in the last 68 years.  I've even fished from it without very much success.

Another oldie from the late 1930's or early 1940's. It's Adam and Kelsey's "grandpere," Tom, in the great out of doors. I suspect it was a photo taken by Lillie on a warm winter day. I don't recognize the site, but probably in northwest Wisconsin, or the north shore of Lake Superior.  Notice - both suspenders and a belt.

The same guy in the same hat, doing some sawing with one end of a two man saw, I think.  I spent some time on the other end of such a saw with him in the 1950's.  However, when this photo was taken, I was not yet a gleam in the old guy's eye.  I think he's sawing up a birch tree for fire wood.  There does appear to be a gleam in his eye in this photo, but it might just be the angle of the sun.

There are more black and white's from Santini's cache to post, but this is it for today.

I understand that the leaves in the north part of Minnesota are about 30% changed to their fall colors.  Here in the south we are only getting color from the stressed trees and the reds of the sumac.   There hasn't been a hard freeze at my house yet.  My largest tomato plant is still showing green fruit and one a deep orange, which I'm picking soon.

USTA senior mixed doubles league plays tonight at Wooddale.  I'm scheduled to be playing with one of the hard core girls.


Retired Professor said...

Nicely composed photo of the two old lovers carved in stone. Cryptic hints?

Anonymous said...

Suspenders and belt? Nice hat. He always seem to be stylin to me. MM

BDE said...

I also really like the statue photo (and I've seen many of those over the years). The picture of your dad sawing is my favorite of the old ones. He definitely has a gleam in his eye.