Monday, September 12, 2011

Rosy Mound Park

It was a really nice day in southwest Michigan. I like to find new places to visit when I can, and today Unky Herb and I found an interesting and quite scenic park very near Grand Haven, Rosy Mound Park. It's not real large, but has a lot of wild area leading to a great view of the beach. It's set on a couple of high dunes, so the three quarters mile walk to the beach is very much up and down. There are a lot of steps to climb, but, unfortunately, I did not count them. This is MOTU at the end of the trail at the overlook of the beach.

There was a really nice sunset over the big lake just before eight o'clock. I took this on the daily walk to Tunnel Park - usually it's to watch the sun set, but I got caught up in the US Open men's final and didn't get an early enough start.

Just as I was finishing the above photo, a windsurfer got up on his board just off shore. He was nearly in line with the setting sun, so I snapped off a couple of shots. This is a little out of focus, but I kind of like the effect. The impending darkness and the distances made the focus unreliable, but it is a good image to sum up the day.

Novak Djokovic defeated Raffa Nadal to win the US Open tonight. It was his third major win of this calendar year.

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Santini said...

Great sunset photos.

I was looking forward to a bench shot. I know you have one or two.

I'm pleased you guys are here. It helps.