Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old photos

While I was visiting Santini in Michigan last week, she gave me some old photos that I haven't seen in a while, if ever, and suggested that I scan them into my computer and perhaps make them available for the rest of the clan. This is one of the ways I can do that, so I'm posting the three oldest of the photos. This has nothing to do with tennis, but I get to decide what I blog about and today it's black and white photos.

This is my grandfather, Richard Anderson with his wife, Hansine, and their new born daughter, who later in life became my mother, Lillie. I'm pretty sure it was taken in 1914, almost a hundred years ago, in a corn field on their homestead near Webster, Wisconsin. Notice the dog who seems to have Lillie's attention. Interesting stand of corn, too.

Also from 1914, a photo of Grandmother Hansine and Lillie again. It was taken by the bridge over the Yellow River at the edge of the farm where they lived. The bridge has long ago been replaced, but the river still flows there under a more modern structure.

The third one is Lillie again, now grown up, but still pretty young - perhaps early twenties - the photo is not dated, so it's a guess. It's a nice photo and it makes me proud to be her son.

I had to scan the photos twice because I chose some outdated jpeg format the first time that my iPhoto refused to ingest. A guy learns something every day if he'll only just take a few risks. I got it right eventually and scanned in 18 photos from the days before color photography. I'll be posting more as time goes by.

There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow, but the indoor tennis facilities are available again, so I'll be hitting forehands and backhands again tomorrow, somewhere in the city.

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Retired Professor said...

I'm glad I found that old envelope of photos during the moving process. Who knows what will turn up by the time I'm finished?