Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday stroll

After yesterday's September-ish day, today dawned coolish, but clear and it was clear that summer has a ways to go yet. The North Country Woman is in town and we hadn't visited Crosby Farm in a while, so we went for a morning walk down by the river and around Upper Lake. There were some other walkers and some bikers, but the population is always smaller than the better known lakes in the city, so we were mainly alone, except for the hungry horde of mosquitoes and the one lone garter snake that scared the bejesus out of NCW. It was pretty harmless and only about a coiled foot long, but they always seem to startle whatever sensitive humans that happen to be in the area. We managed to get by the serpent and walked along the boardwalk that goes through the boggy part of the walk. The reeds and cat tails are encroaching on the walkway, and they are quite tall this year, owing to the record amounts of rain we've been getting, so I snapped a shot of the way we were going.

We got back to the homestead in time for lunch and a chat with the Prairie Princess over the intertubes. She's back from her latest trip - this one to Spain - and is getting ready to bid Norway "farvel" or "adieu." She'll be home in about two weeks


Retired Professor said...

It's always fun to see Crosby Farm. I like the photo of the trail through the reeds.

I'm with NCW -- I don't like snakes.

Retired Professor said...

I recognize that new photo at the top of your blog. I was there when you took it, I think. Very nice sunset over Swan Lake.