Thursday, July 25, 2013


A happy birthday wish to Santini, who is still not a septuagenarian, but has lived long enough to remember the days when all photos were black and white.  And because I have a stash of old photos, I'm posting some to remember a time long, long ago.

 • The first was taken in Coleraine inside the home where we lived in Second Addition. It was a special occasion of some kind (a birthday?) in maybe 1954 or so. Is that a girl scout or Brownie uniform?

• Four generations of women. Jacobine, Hansine, Lillie, Sylvi at the farm where Avoine Folles now stands, just north of County road U. Half of them were born in Norway, north of the Arctic Circle in the 1800's. They're posed at the door near the kitchen of the farmhouse.

• In Coleraine with Jimmy and Tommy at Hartley Avenue home in about 1954 in front of the rose bush. I remember those shoes, or at least that style of sneakers. The photographer made me doff my hat.

• At the Yellow River home across County U from Dick's Ranch. I'm guessing 1949, but my memory is pretty suspect here.

• Santini and Bud Hoffman in about 1948 at their grandpappy's farm. Barn and chicken coop in the background.

Happy birthday from LXX.

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Santini said...

LXX -- Thank you. That was very sweet. I don't think I actually remember any of the moments shown in the photographs, but that first one could have been after the Brownie "fly-up" ceremony. I think that those are wings pinned to the shoulder, and symbolized something -- maybe moving from Brownie to Girl Scouts. My memory is sketchy, at best.

Still, lots of fun to look at the old photos. I love the barn and chicken coop in the background of the photo of me with Bud. And that is probably the only photo in existence of just the two of us. It is an odd pairing.