Friday, July 26, 2013

Another birthday

It's Mark's birthday. LVI. This photo was taken in 1974 - 39 years ago - when he was still a teenager. He was wearing his hair long as was the style at the time. You'll have to ask him if he was a hippie.   I wish him a happy birthday.

I ran across this old photo that I acquired a couple of years ago at a Miller cousins family reunion in Waseca. I had forgotten that I had taken a photo of a photo that was in the possession of one of my paternal side cousins. It's an old photo from the early 1900's, and taken at the family "ranch" in Gaslyn, Wisconsin. I did get some unwanted glare in the process, but it's still kind of interesting. At least to me.

The kids are my uncles Bob and Charles.  Bob was born in 1904 and Charles in 1906.  I'm guessing the picture is from 1910 or 1911.  Who are the others?  Adults, left to right: Mary McDill Lemon, Nancy Jane McDill Miller, G.L. Miller, Gladys McDill (?), Mollie McDill(?) and Mayme (Mary Elizabeth) Miller.  Best guess.

I'm not sure what's up with Bob's headgear. It looks a little like bandages. It seems like baby Tom should have been in the photo, too, but maybe he was napping. The photographer may very well have been G.L.'s daughter, Sylvia Melissa Miller or maybe the third McDill girl, Ruth, also not in the picture. The dog may be Tippy. Or Duke. Or Brownie.

It's a really nice day in River City - cool and without much humidity. Except for the occasional shower. I've been taking it easy, resting up for another morning of tennis with the gang of geezers tomorrow.


Retired Professor said...

Love the old photo of Mark. The resemblance to his son is remarkable.

The woman sitting next to G.L. (on the right, his left) looks a lot like a Miller to me. Maybe even Melissa Sylvia?

Jimi said...

Santini: You could be correct. I never met any of the adults in the photo and I'm going from pictures that I have with names of people identified by some of the older generation before they left town. Do yo have any ideas who it could be?

Retired Professor said...

There's an old photo of a bunch of Millers hanging out on a porch, looking disreputable, and Melissa Sylvia was identified as one of them. The woman next to G.L. looks like her, I think. I don't have the photo, I just remember having seen it, so I'm working from memory. And we know how that goes.

Gino said...

Well, I'm just a kid compared to you elders but my guess is as follows:

If you are secure in the identification of the women photo left (G.L.'s right) as McDills, then the lady immediately to his left looks to me to be completely unrelated to them.

She also gives a sort of spooky reminder to me of Grandma Miller, Santini's guess, and I guess, mine.

Gino said...

What sort of person names herself after a sock anyway?

Retired Professor said...

Not having to put my name on my socks appealed to me --

I had no idea that the name would still be mine all of these years later. I might have been more careful, had I been able to see the future. But then that's true for lots of things.

Jimi said...

Since two of her kids are there, it could be Sylvia Melissa and then G.E. could be the photographer. But where is Tom then?

Santini said...

Men didn't watch kids in those days. One of the McDill girls could have been keeping an eye on him.