Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Primary election

It's primary election day in the People's Republic of Minnesota. It's mostly a non-event in my part of the state because there are no controversial races in doubt. The people who predict such things think that about ten percent of the eligible voters will exercise their franchise. The main contested elections are in the northeast part of the state and the southwest part, too. The members of the House in those districts will likely have more primary voters than here and also can expect a vigorous campaign before the November election. I voted this morning at Lyndale Community Center where I was the 56th voter of the day. I was the only voter in the room with about six election judges. They were chatting and eating "fat pills" (rich pastries) when I arrived. They seemed happy to see me, checked my eligibility and gave me my choice of the voting booths. And one of those "I Voted" stickers.
The community garden at Hamline Methodist Church, which is planted, maintained and harvested by Hamline students, still exists. PP was one of the group that organized the garden while she was a student there. I walked by there a couple of days ago and took the photo, partly to show PP that her efforts weren't wasted and there are still students with a similar environmental bent carrying on the project.
It's been a nice stretch of pleasant weather. Our Wednesday afternoon tennis group competed yesterday in playable weather - not life threatening like it was for much of July. We played for about two hours and I still had energy left later on to be able to fix a nutritious dinner. I am sorry to report that there was no blueberry cake on the menu.

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Santini said...

Sounds like we've all done our best to do our civic duty this primary season. Good for us. (GZ voted via absentee ballot, I believe.)

Summer seems to have retreated a bit here, too. It was actually quite pleasant today, though I'm thinking I might blog about it later.

The last of the blueberry cake got a little sodden. I might do that oatmeal/banana/blueberry bread thing before my guests leave. Or maybe not. Local fresh peaches are in season now, and are tempting us to vary our diet.