Friday, August 10, 2012

Historical Bench

Although I do have more recent photos, I decided to post this bench photo, especially in light of the current focus on benches in at least a couple of blogs. This old concrete bench sits next to the Visitor Center at Fort Snelling State Park. I suspect it may have been moved a time or two, because it sits flush against a building that is much newer than the bench. It's concrete, too; not a popular choice for benches these days, but pretty resilient to the forces of nature. It commemorates the veterans of the Civil War of Minnesota and was erected by their daughters. This bench clearly had to be preserved, but it's in a kind of out of the way place where few visitors would stumble across it.  That's about all I know about the bench - even a google search failed to reveal much other info.

A photo from yesterday, taken on a walking tour of my alma mater. It clearly shows that the old athletic field has been upgraded since my leave taking forty-seven (!) years ago. I also noticed a new building that was to open today for the first time - the Anderson University Center. I may have to take a tour there sometime soon. Perhaps in October during homecoming when my old tennis coach, Ben Lewis (Doc) is inducted into the Hamline Athletic Hall of Fame. There will be a banquet and speeches, plus a chance to see some of the guys that I played tennis with 45 or so years ago, some of whom I haven't seen in the meantime.

It rained a bit on me after I took the photo and made my way across campus to where my car was parked by the big church on Englewood.

I played some tennis today - just hitting ground strokes and volleys with Tennis Dennis. It was a most pleasant morning, a clear improvement on the weather in July which, so I've heard, was the hottest July in the history of Julys. There was a gentle breeze and a temp in the comfortable 70's.

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Retired Professor said...

That is an interesting, and apparently quite old, bench. Nice find.

You must have been quite young when you graduated from Hamline.

It looks like some Al Capp rain over Klas field. Strange sky.