Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Statue

Yesterday Bill Clinton was in town to dedicate a new statue on the capitol lawn in St. Paul. A lot of current and retired politicians showed up for the dedication. I wasn't invited, as far as I know, but today was a beautiful day and the PW and I wanted to see what the statue looked like, so we went down there to scout out the location of the memorial. The Happy Warrior, Hubert Humphrey, has been gone from this world for 30 years. Yesterday Walter Mondale and Skip Humphrey, HHH's son, were there along with our current senators and a smattering of Representatives and unveiled the statue. Today, there were far fewer people and no politicians at all there to view the site, which is just north of the Charles Lindburgh memorial and somewhat closer to the capitol itself. It's not a bad likeness from what I know of HHH, and a pretty nice tribute to the former VP, multiple term Senator, and one time mayor of Minneapolis.

The Minnesota State Capitol on a beautiful August day. The scaffolding indicates that work is going on maintaining the very old building which is much in need of repair. We walked around the grounds, looking at most of the memorials, but the capitol building itself was locked. One of the guys who was catering an event in the afternoon said that the building was to open at one p.m., but we didn't hang around to go inside.  It's quite a nice capitol building.  I dare say one of the top 50 in the nation.

The Viet Nam War and Korean War Memorials are both quite striking and remind me of the many wars we have fought in my lifetime. As is the newer World War II exhibit. 

Another memorial at the Minnesota Capitol is dedicated to living soldiers, those who survived their time in the service of their country.

Just a word of congratulations to Andy Murray who won the men's singles gold medal in straight sets at the London Olympics. It was a big day for the Brits and the Scots today, and not so good for Roger Federer and the Swiss. Murray also was able to win a silver medal in the mixed doubles - one of the best tennis days for the English populace since about 1937 or so.


Santini said...

I remember HHH. Near the end of his life he was asked by reporters if he was planning on quitting the Senate. He snapped back that he wasn't planning to quit anything, that he might in fact join something. Can't believe its been 30 years.

Say "Hi" to PW.

Gino said...

Nice monument photo. I am still not quite able to place the location exactly but I suspect I can just ride my bicycle down there and find it.

The Capitol mall is getting crowded. Hubert was a senator and VP, Fritz can make the same claim so I suppose there will be a groundswell of support for dedicating another corner of the lawn to him. I just hope we don't have to put up a statue of Jesse or T-Paw.

Jimi said...

I know what you mean about Jesse and T-Paw. It's bad enough that they have portraits hanging in the capitol building.

You'll have no trouble finding Hubert's statue. It's in a easily accessed location - by foot or bicycle.