Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Bike Rode By

Sometimes while you're walking for exercise in a public spot, something a little odd will go by. As I was strolling about Como Park in the early evening with the Girl From the North Country (GFTNC) a guy on a very tall bike rode by. I think I've seen him before, but it was a first for GFTNC. Maybe GZ has seen him before on his rides in the Twin Cities, too.  The guy rode up to the door at the Conservatory, turned around and rode off. I don't know how he gets up on that tall bike, or how he negotiates a dismount, but it must take a bit of planning and perhaps a ladder. He gave us a subject to discuss on a very pleasant August evening.

A baby duck, or perhaps an adolescent was swimming in the lily pad pool outside the Como Conservatory. The area was pretty much devoid of humans when we walked by, and the duck seemed unafraid of the large creatures mere feet away. I guess if you live in a park that busy, you get used to intruders. So I took his picture.

We walked for a while and then drove to the airport to pick up Unky Herb and his lady friend as they returned from their vacation in Washington state. I guess they had a pretty good trip, but now must get readjusted to the mundane every day world.

I heard from the Prairie Princess today. She called using google voice from her perch in Africa. I was gone so she left a message on the answering machine. It was badly garbled, but I was able to discern that she was doing ok and that she'd try again some other time.  Even garbled I recognize her voice.

The realtors have not yet called about how the land on the Yellow River should be priced and sold, but today I was reminded of the direction of flow of the river.  I should have remembered from my childhood, when one day I lost my favorite cap in the river and my dad tried to retrieve it by casting a hook at the end of a fishing rod as the cap drifted to the north with the river's current.  He didn't ever retrieve it, as I recall.  I think it eventually sank to the bottom of the river.  Memory is odd.  I remember that incident, but can't remember what I ate for lunch today.  Oh yeah!  A Southwest chicken salad at Ronald McD.'s with low fat dressing.  But I don't remember what I ate yesterday for lunch.


Santini said...

I just left a long comment, and blogger kicked me off. Dang.

Santini said...

I'll try again.

GZ has a name for the buy on the tall bike, I think. Tall Bike Guys.

I just got a Facebook friend request from Judy Drury Brucki. Interesting coincidence, given the Wisconsin theme in you blog this week.

Santini said...

To finish:

The river runs north. I'd forgotten that. Nice cap story, though.

The COTU say that Google Voice will be discontinued this fall. If so, it would be a shame. It's been useful. Good to hear she's okay.