Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Scarves and a Pond

The theme for today seems to have been decided by chance and the photos that I took. Santini is wearing a new scarf that was created by the Girl from the North Country (GFTNC). It's a winter weight scarf, but looks very good on a summer weight jacket. Incidentally, there was absolutely no need for a jacket today.

The GFTNC found a natural scarf hanging from a southern pine and used it as a wrap. It's Spanish moss on a tree near Ollie's Pond and probably wouldn't work in a more northern clime. It does show a bit of flare.

Ollie's Pond was very attractive today as we walked around it. It's heavily populated with a variety of water birds, and I plan to go back with a longer lens so that I can capture a few of them on "film."

It was and is a beautiful day in Southwest Florida.


Santini said...

Kudos to your models.

Nice post. Great food.

Jimi said...

The models worked cheap. And the food was easy. Thanks for the hospitality.

Anonymous said...

We work for food.

You're welcome. Of course.

Cindy Crawford

Jimi said...

Thanks, Cindy.

I know a few stories about your high school career that few others do.

Watch yourself.

Anonymous said...

BTW, here is the comment I tried to post on TT's site (7 or 8 times):

Nice scarves and excellent models.

Oh, and VERY annoying word identification. I had to try 7 times since the words were ILLEGIBLE! I am not a robot and resent the implication. WTH? I am never commenting again if this keeps happening, TT. What's up?

February 21, 2012 12:46 AM

Anonymous said...

I left a complaint on Blogger's Help site about the new level of difficulty on the word identification. They look a little bit easier today.

(I may have to retract that -- this is my second try.)


Anonymous said...

I'm fixing the comments moderation strategy. I hope this works.