Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some time in Punta Gorda

It was a trifle cloudy today, but while waiting for the afternoon chat with the Prairie Princess and Unky Herb we decided to exercise our limbs with a walk along the Charlotte Harbor linear park.  There were gulls lined up on the sea wall and they were so tame that I was able to get really close to them.  They both have two legs, but the guy on the left is resting one of them.  I think their tameness can be explained by the older couple who were sitting on a bench and providing them with human food.

These are the smiley  humans who traipsed around the park with me. Banyan tree for scale.

Birds.  Just as I was about to snap a photo of a big flock of terns (gulls?), Santini rushed at them and spooked them.  I took the picture anyway, and I kind of like the chaos depicted.

I skyped this afternoon with PP and UH, as previously mentioned. We tried a video conference call and it worked pretty well. PP is in Norway, UH is in Minnesota and I'm in southwest Florida. The video and sound were out of synch at times, but the video quality was good and the whole experience worth repeating.

I'm waiting for the Academy Award show to begin. Our party is going to be pretty low key, but we'll have some food and perhaps a little low key wagering.


Soster said...

Except for the scarred knee, I like the photo of PW and Santini. Nice smiles -- looks like they're having some fun.

meformina said...

Very neat post, love the segulls.

ivy said...

Cute pictures and thanks for sharing.

mario said...

Looks you guys are having fun out there.