Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not a groundhog

The groundhog didn't see his shadow in St Paul today. It was foggy and dreary the whole day. I also heard via the radio that the groundhog's history of weather predictions for the rest of the winter has an accuracy of 39%.  Abysmal.

I missed the blog theme day yesterday and didn't take a photo today - too dreary. But I have in my archives a photo of a Como Zoo tiger from December of 2007, a year when there was an actual winter. With snow and everything.

I played two sets of tennis at Wooddale tonight. Both of the hardcore girls were absent, but the subs were competitive and tennis went well. Then I went to Yang's for Singapore rice noodles and a chat with the Yangs while I was waiting for the take-out order to be filled.   We discussed my recent trip to Norway and the difference of climate between here and there.  Interestingly, they both knew that Norway has a border with Russia in the far north, well north of the Arctic Circle.  Up there by Murmansk.

Super Bowl Sunday is three days off.  Tom Brady or Eli Manning?

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Santini said...

You win -- best animal photo of the month award. Cool.

we haven't heard much about the hard core girls lately.

I don't know much about the super bowl, except that it's in Indy this year. Presumably not at the race track.