Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Lately I'm a day or two tardy in my posting and the photos are getting old, too. I'm still blogging about the weekend and the visit of "Charlie's Angels" to northern Minnesota. The Angels are likely somewhere in the U.P. eating a pasty each at this point, and NCW and I have returned to the big city. The leaves are still just short of prime here, but when we left Pengilly on Sunday some of the maples were shedding their red leaves and the temperature was in the eighties. Here in River City today we barely crept out of the 50's. I have this photo of NCW relaxing near her fire pit by Swan Lake and enjoying the last of September's heat.

So GOINFS. Last week when we were coming back from the north, both she and I spent about two hours trying to remember the name of these plants. It's a common sight to see them as they become more prominent and visible as autumn arrives. We finally had to call Sherrie to subtly ask her the name of the plant. Nearly everyone I know would have been up to the challenge, too. We were without google or access to the internet at the time, so we were helpless.

Sumacs. Those roadside, invasive plants that are among the earliest to change colors.

It makes a guy think that a smart phone might be a good plan and a way to keep from this kind of embarrassment again. Iphone 6, anyone?


Gino said...

Sumac. I believe there is even a poison variety. In the urban environment almost always available for viewing near the railroad tracks.

With iphone6 now officially out the various versions of the 5 are probably much reduced in price and might be a better first step into smartphonedom. The 6 is about the size of a piece of toast and making an adjustment to carrying around a piece of toast might be making an adjustment that is a little outside your age range. Suddenly carrying around a "phablet" might prove to be more than you can handle. I know I ain't going there any time soon. I am sticking with the 5 although the young moderns all complain that the screen is so small that you can't even see all of the details on that Game of Thrones episode you are streaming from NetFlix.

Sabrina said...

Nice photo of NCW relaxing. She worked hard to make Charlie's angels feel welcome, and deserved a little down time.

No Pasties so far, but it has been on the radar screen. We still have a day or so to eat one, so maybe.

I've been pretty annoyed at my dumb phone as well, and may have to upgrade. Today I had to borrow Jill's iphone to call JB. (Jill is the angel with the long blonde hair.)

We finished up the wild rice/cranberry bread before we left Jill's cabin. Good to the last crust.

Jimi said...

I'm still not sold on a smart phone. I'm not sure the screen size will be big enough for my eyes. And I like to be smarter than my phone.

Sabrina: We stopped at the Lazy Bear and bought another loaf of the cranberry/wild rice bread. It's almost gone, too.

Have a pasty. It's a cultural must.

Santini said...

Maybe for lunch tomorrow -- we've been seeing signs for them all day.

sabrina said...

Smart phones have some fun features. Apparently I can comment from mine.