Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October meandering

It was a beautiful October day. One of the nicest October days in the history of October days. NCW and I used the opportunity to roam around Como Park, around the lake, by the old Lexington bridge (which is being restored), and past the labyrinth and back to Black Bear Cafe. This was the prettiest of the maples we encountered and one of the nicest this whole month, standing alone in the big park.

Unky Herb and his new bride gave me a birthday present earlier this week, a photo from their wedding. It's a pretty wild shot from the photo booth attraction at the reception. NCW and I were at our craziest and the photo is quite colorful. I think that we'll put it up somewhere in the renovated part of the house. Here I'm holding it up in the sun in the back yard.

I couldn't help posting this photo from last week. We were at the Twin Cities marathon watching the runners go by and cheering their efforts. One of the other spectators had a catchy sign that got a lot of attention and brought some chortles from the runners and the spectators, too.


BDE said...

Nice maple and very unusual wedding reception photo!

Retired Professor said...

The maple tree photo wins -- a brilliant display of colors.

You and NCW got into the spirit of that photo booth thing, I see.

Fun sign by the horned woman at the race.