Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zimmy's is closed

The traveling bikers are here in the north country. The last two of the group who sometimes refer to themselves as "Charlie's Angels," arrived in time for a bike ride around Swan Lake. It was a very beautiful September afternoon, an unexpected reward for some forgotten good deed, no doubt, but definitely appreciated. We posed in front of the pretty maple in NCW's back yard.

Earlier in the day we walked a bit of the Mesabi Trail to enjoy the landscape and the changing leaves. We stopped to a have a look at the local baseball park and walk on the unmowed grass in the infield. These trees are standing near the baseball field in Pengilly. They are well along in the process of changing colors and falling to the ground.

Some of the more spectacular maple leaves at the height of their glory.

In the late afternoon we decided to go to Hibbing for food. Some of us are Bob Dylan fans, including members of the Angels, and thought that the Dylan-themed Zimmys would be a good choice for vittles. But tragedy, Zimmys is closed, a victim of tax problems and the economy of the Range. We had to eat pizza at Sammy's instead. Not a bad choice actually.  We stopped to visit Bob's old home first. It was being visited by some sort of tour group, but we we able to see the place and snap a few photos.

 Charlie's Angels in front of Bob's childhood home in Hibbing.

And then we returned to the shores of Swan Lake for a bonfire and deep conversation.


Santini said...

It was a stellar day -- and I am still proud of myself for the ride around Swan Lake. I'm glad I had fresh legs for the task.

It was a whole lot of fun. (If that isn't nice, what is?)


Mrs Smith said...

The photo of the leaves looks like a painting.
I have also been to Bob's house in Hibbing but not with a tour group (or with Charlie's Angels).
How long a bike ride is it around Swan Lake? It seems you all got plenty of exercise today.
It was beautiful here, too. I love September (especially as a person who has no job to go to)!

Gino said...

Zimmy's gone?

Oh, well, if Zimmy's is gone Sammy's seems like a better alternative anyway.

Zimmy's always seemed to me to be a little bit hoping to be the trendy alternative with the caveat that the food was not quite good enough to earn the position that they were aiming towards. Which maybe explains why they are no more. The food wasn't quite good enough.

It has been a few years for me but there was a place on Howard Street where you could get decent pasties.

And the Sunrise Bakery although even at that time that was probably only a lunchtime alternative.

I used to visit fairly regularly. I defer to the judgment of someone who has actually lived there since I personally stopped showing up for work even in Saint Paul, not even considering Hibbing.

Jimi said...

The bike ride around Swan is about 12 miles.

Sammy's is a good alternative for food, but for Dylan memorabilia there doesn't seem to be any place to go but the library which is closed on the weekend. Hibbing is missing an opportunity to bring in some tourists, but they don't seem to mind.

I'm going to have to try the Sunrise Bakery sometime soon.