Saturday, August 2, 2014

The best day on PP's lake

The summer vacation is beginning to wind down. It was the best day of the stay here. The sun was out and the sky was clear. There was even a decent sunset as the day ended. PP spent the day at the beach on the paddle board, paddling, doing yoga and various other athletic moves. She's out there in the lake riding the board and communing with her lake.

The paddle boarder up close and personal.

We walked the beach, NCW and I, about half way to the state park pier. Not a death march, but perhaps a near death march. Then lunch and a neighborhood walk with Santini while Mr and Mrs Smith were out on their bikes. The paddler paddled and then trekked to the pier with Mrs. Smith. Vittles from Great Wall followed by a last walk to the summit of the dune at Tunnel Park. And a walk along the beach back to Santini's dune.

There has been an all day party next door at the Gatsby's. There have been caterers, guests and blue umbrellas on the beach. They are California people, I hear. It's been fun to watch the rich at play. I think Daisy Buchanan is over there somewhere.

The last sunset of this trip. Tomorrow, the road.

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Santini said...

I'm glad you finally got a day of good weather. Have a safe journey home!