Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Twins game

It was the first Twins game that NCW's friend, Lorrie, had attended in person at the new Target Field.  And she's a big fan of the local nine.  NCW treated her good friend to a night game against the Detroit Tigers last night for Lorrie's 83rd birthday. We tried to get Bert Blyleven to do his "Circle me, Bert" deal on Fox North with a sign enumerating the particulars of the event. We (mostly NCW) spent a couple of hours constructing a sign that we thought might catch the eye of the Twins broadcaster. It's a nice sign, but the effort, apparently, came up short. But it was worth the effort, and I have some cute photos to show for the time spent.

We went to Fort Snelling to park and ride the Blue Line light rail to the ball park. We wanted to get there early to get some of that fine ball park cuisine, so we arrived at a few minutes to six for a 7:10 start time. There had been an afternoon game, a rain out make up game, as part of a double header, but most of the Twins' regulars started and played the whole game. We tried to find a good walleye sandwich when we arrived, but I guess our ticket didn't get us to the right quality of eatery and we settled for brats and Polish sausage with sauerkraut. Who doesn't love a little sauerkraut on grilled sausage? Then I took a pre-game photo of the longtime friends displaying the sign.

The first pitch of the game was obstructed by a great bear of a man, so I took a shot of the second pitch. Trevor May is pitching to Torii Hunter.

It was a good game on a really pleasant evening. The ball park had 25,000 seats filled of a capacity of 39,000+, so it was pretty well attended considering that the State Fair is in session, the Vikings had a preseason game, and the Lynx had a playoff game. And the Twins' record is 58-71.  We stayed for the whole nine innings and the Twins scored six, but lost 8-6 to the Tigers. Lorrie was happy with the experience.

The Blue Line got us to the car and home by about midnight. The Twins are still in last place in their division.


Santini said...

Lorrie looks like she's having fun -- a Twins game sounds like a pretty good way to spend a birthday.

Mrs Smith said...

GZ and I were there also (arrived at 6 for the cuisine, too)and stayed until the end. Wireless and EMSA were with us (EMSA provided our tickets) and we had a great time on a really nice evening. It would have been fun to run into you two!