Friday, August 1, 2014

August arrives on time

The Tunnel Park amble group was enlarged yesterday by the much anticipated overlap. Most of the amblers stopped at the summit of the Tunnel Park dune and posed for this photo. The sun was going down, but anonymously behind a bank of clouds. It was, however, nice to get in another trek to the park and, for me, another run down the dune.

An interesting sunset from last night, when there actually was a sunset. The reflection across the water is interrupted by a boat going back to port. The photo was taken from the Santini deck.

We walked to the park again tonight, but the sun was even less cooperative. The cloud bank was too thick and the sunset non-existent. PP and I ran down the dune again. She seems to like to run next to me, so as to catch me if I happen to stumble and fall. So I lope rather than sprint and I am much less likely to do a face plant.

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Santini said...

Cute title, nice photos!