Friday, May 31, 2013

Lilydale Regional Park

It was a very pleasant morning in River City. One of the nicest mornings in the history of mornings perhaps, but the day has since changed to include severe weather watches and sporadic rain accompanied by wind.

Since NCW is in the city and the weather was so clement (opposite of inclement?), we took a little stroll down by the mighty Mississippi.  There was not a speck of cloud in the sky as we stopped by Harriet Island and walked towards the park along the river.  Lilydale Regional Park has been improved in the last few months, including a welcome gate and plaza about a quarter mile from the end of Harriet Island.  We went down the combination bike/hike path for about a half hour.  We went by the plaza and also the site of the recent tragic collapse of the hillside where school kids were searching for fossils.   The day was bright and the river was running high.


The skyline of St Paul from the turn around spot in Lilydale Park.  There was a new bench near the river, so we had a sit-down and a view down the river towards the high bridge and downtown Saintly City.


The touring riverboats were out taking school field trips up the river towards Fort Snelling.  This one was spied going upriver and some of the people on board saw me taking the photo and waved.  We waved back as the boat passed in front of the St Paul Cathedral.

The sun has returned for the moment, but May seems to be going out the way it was for most of the month - wet and wild.


Retired Professor said...

It does look like a beautiful morning. With the erratic weather we've been having, you were wise to get out and enjoy it while you could.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful in Minnesota. Nikki and TJ hope to join my mom this summer is visiting with Sharon's family. I know they would love it. TJ has given me permission to share his poem. I was very proud. It goes like this. He said "I'm so proud of you. You've become you. You've grown your own style. I can say Dad would be so proud. So if your ever feeling overwhelmed, remember dad and carry him with you. Also remember there's always a bed here if you need it. You don't have to be alone, because, these doors are always open. Love, TJ"


Jimi said...

OSLO: T.J.'s poem is nice. It shows good, appropriate sentiment. I can see why you were touched.

RP: The mornings seem to have been better lately. By afternoon the ugly clouds roll in.

OSLO said...

The kids are geeked to come and spend time with the family. I wish I could come, but I have a very busy, full load of kids this summer. I will see all of you later in the summer. Thanks to everyone for the nice cards and generous gifts for Nikki. Miss you all.