Thursday, May 23, 2013


It was a pretty day, finally, after a long string of wet and gloomy May days.  I spent a lot of time outside spread  over most of the day.  I mowed the lawn for the first time of the season, and washed my car for the first time of the season, before deciding to walk around my favorite lake and see what the trees and other vegetation were doing.

The flowers on the fruit trees were in full bloom.  There's quite a few of them at the lake and they're showing off their colors this week.  They smelled marvelous, as Billy Crystal might say.  Crab apple blossoms, I think.

The dock at the south end of Lake Como was being used.  There were people fishing, taking pictures and generally enjoying the nice May weather.  The tree by the base of the dock was very pretty.  The grass is greening up nicely.

This is something that you don't often see at a public park.  There were a couple of people sitting facing each other playing violin music with violins.  They had their dog with them in one of those carrying kennels, and they seemed to be enjoying the best day in a long time.  The music was pretty good, too.  Classical, I think.

The little drainage creek at the base of the peninsula was looking picturesque as I walked by.  There were other things going on, too, but the colors of the day were spring green and apple blossom.

And as is usual lately for Thursday night, I played some USTA tennis, this time outside at Mounds View High School.  No pictures of the action.   I had a new partner for doubles -  a fiftyish lawyer who knows how to play the game quite well.  He and I, although we'd never played together before, managed to get our team a win at number three doubles, but our team overall lost 3-2.   It took about an hour and a half, and the sun was very low in the sky when we finished, but it was fun and real competition.

The weather prognosticators are saying that there will be some frost overnight in some of the more rural areas around St Paul and maybe more 50 miles north and in western Wisconsin.  Frosting towards the end of May.  It has been a strange spring.


Retired Professor said...

Mah-velous is the phonetic spelling, and spring green is such a unique color.

There's a story of some sort with the violinists -- it's a cool photo.

The rule when we were kids was no planting until after Memorial Day, which in those days was May 30th. We've gotten used to warmer springs in recent years. We had frost warnings overnight here, too.

Jimi said...

It still feels early to plant much, but I think I'll do a little this weekend. I'm skipping the tomatoes this year. Too many rabbits.

BDE said...

It was a mah-velous day! I also mowed the lawn for the first time (after some raking and picking up of lots of fallen branches and twigs).
I think I will try reseeding and fertilizing the grass again after Memorial Day. My last effort all washed away in the series of May deluges (never seen that word as a plural, but there were more than one).
Enjoy today's sun, also. Two days in a row!

Retired Professor said...

I'm trying a little bit of basil and parsley in outdoor pots as my only "gardening" other than flowers. I have planted a few impatiens and a few snapdragons, but they seem to have made it through last night's cold weather okay.