Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Split rail fences

Rainy, or rather drippy, Thursdays (oh yeah, Wednesdays) aren't conducive to decent photos. I went to Fort Snelling tennis a little early this afternoon and stopped by the visitor center to use up some of the extra time and to get in a little bit of a warm-up walk. Fort Snelling has lots of scenery - an overlook of the Mississippi River, a rebuilt fort from the early 1800's and a few oddities - and, in addition, it's pretty close to home. I liked the looks of this split rail fence that is built along the edge of the river's ravine. It looks like it could have been built in the 1800's and continuously maintained in the years since.

And there is this unique looking structure standing on the grounds near the visitor center. I wondered what the heck is that for. Any good ideas?

Then I went off to hit some tennis balls at Fred Wells Tennis Center. It was just septuagenarians, today. Old guys with their varied infirmities smacking forehands at each other. It was nice to be inside out of the drizzle, and nice to be still smacking forehands.


Retired Professor said...

It was Wednesday here.

I do like a split rail fence. "Continuously maintained" sounds a bit like Abe Lincoln's axe, though.

Odd structure. More investigation may be necessary.

Sounds like good tennis.

Anonymous said...


Jimi said...

Prof: I'm apparently not paying attention to the days of the week. Thanks for the edit help. I fixed the text.

The fence did remind me a bit of old Abe. He used to put up fences like this and probably used that same old axe that I have in my garage.

Jimi said...

What's a weather box?