Monday, October 1, 2012

My favorite silhouettes

It is theme day and I'm using three photos from last year on September 11, taken by Unky Herb. They should be viewed listening to this music by the Diamonds.

Silhouette number two, shortly, very shortly, after number one.

Silhouette number three taken very shortly after number two.  Again, very shortly.

And a really large flag with PW for scale.

And that's theme day for another month.


Retired Professor said...

Oh my -- made my day, laugh out loud, all of that. Nice post, bro.

Santini said...

That third photo just cracks me up. Again.

Where was the big flag photo taken?

Jimi said...

The big flag was at the dedication of a Fire Fighter's memorial at the state capitol. I may blog about that later. PW's son, Steve, was down from da range to attend. The guv and Amy were there, too.

Santini said...

I don't know Amy.

Was Steve in da photo? It's a nice photo, and a good one of PW. She looks like a mere girl.

Santini said...

I retract my question. (I just enlarged the photo.)

Jimi said...

Steve is not in the photo. That's some other firefighter.

Amy is Amy Klobuchar, our senior U.S. Senator.