Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sixty-nine, no more

Once in a while I like to get out the old albums and find a black and white photo from long ago and far away. These are photos that are previously unused on this blog, and photos that needed a bit of tweaking from iPhoto. I scanned then tweaked. These were taken circa 1949. I'm only guessing, because the date wasn't written on the back, but I can estimate from the respective ages of the subjects. And not that Lillie looks to be about 35. It's the ages of the children that gives me the most information. Since I know their birthdates, well you know the rest.

 The photo was taken at Richard Anderson's farm in Burnett County. I know the place well, although it really only currently exists in my memory. The photographers are easy enough to surmise. It looks like they (we) were having a good time.

Another 1949 photo within minutes of the previous one.  Without the dog.  Does anyone remember its name??  Notice the stylish suspenders.

Not much else to say. I'm going for a walk in the sunshine and reflect on the state of the world and to appreciate the falling leaves and the miracle that I'm here to witness them.  And that I'm still hitting my sliced backhand with some alacrity.


Retired Professor said...

Cute kids.

I believe that Spot and Sport came before Lady. That looks like a Spot to me. I could be wrong, of course.

Hope your day was mellow.

Jimi said...

How do you remember those long gone dogs' names???

I remember Lady and Tag, and maybe Tippy, but not Spot and/or Sport.

Very mellow.

Jimi said...

I found an audio of Rodriquez singing from his "Cold Play Album" from the sixties. This link is for BDE, the one we talked about at dinner. It's called: Crucify Your Mind. It's part of the movie "Searching for Sugarman."

BDE said...

Thanks, I'll listen tomorrow. I really do want to see that movie.
Oh, and it's still your birthday. I hope you had a good day. Fun to see you all tonight.

Retired Professor said...

Dad used to tell a story about his theory about naming dogs. Short story, really. One syllable names. How Lady came about, I do not know. But he used Spot and Sport as his examples in that story, along with Tag. At the point he started telling the story, I think I still remembered the dogs. Like I said, I could be wrong. Just telling you what my brain told me when you asked the question.