Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Orchids and rainbows

The wind chill is below the zero mark and I'm feeling a little cabin bound again, so I'm posting some of my favorite unpublished shots of places seen on vacation. It doesn't take long to get back to normal routines and begin to miss the green and flowering plants of the islands.

Before we left Minne-snow-ta, I promised the Prairie Princess that I'd do a little pool cleaning at Larry and Anne's, as a kind of remembrance of her time there a year ago. There was talk then of pool cleaning being a boring job and not much fun. PP said that she remarked that life must be pretty good if the main complaint is having to clean the orchids off the pool surface. I'd like to be doing that task right now.

An orchid was growing on the fa├žade next to the pool. It seems alone, and not much of a threat to clog the pool drains.

The retired sugar plantation on Kauai that we walked through was very nice and very green. It looks a bit like I picture the garden of Eden - without the snakes. There no snakes in Hawaii.  Or alligators for that matter.

Hawaii is known as the the rainbow state for a reason. There were many days on Kauai when the moisture in the air produced a beautiful rainbow, in this case a double rainbow.

This is what happens when you get too close to the surf on a windy day. A camera full of splash. This was taken on the big island, near the town of Captain Cook.

I guess now that I can revert to blogging about how hard the winter is going.


Santini said...

I agree with Kels about the orchids in the pool skimmer.

I approve of a spot with no snakes and no gators. I do recall seeing some lava in previous posts, though. No place is really perfect, I guess.

Santini said...

Where's the other bench?

Jimi said...

Oh yeah. The bench. It slipped my memory. I guess I have one more Hawaii blog to do.

BDE said...

Beautiful photos; I especially like the retired sugar plantation.
Glad you had such a great trip.