Thursday, February 5, 2015


The flowers in this place are pretty awesome. NCW needed one for her hair. It was and continues to be windy, but the windchill is still in the 70's.

An albatross nests a couple of blocks from here. They apparently mate for life and return here every couple of years to lay eggs and raise a family. They are long lived - as much as 60-70 years - and able to fly prodigious distances. The pair takes turns sitting on the egg until it hatches.  Larry led us to its lair.


Santini said...

Ah, I love that first photo. You both look so happy and like you're having fun. The flower (hibiscus?) is very pretty. And the albatross is an interesting bird, I agree. There is a colony of them on the south Island of New Zealand that I saw about 20 years ago. I didn't remember the details, though. Hope you're having fun!

Mrs Smith said...

Sounds like weather similar to Florida's--nice, huh?

I also really like the picture of you two. I am sure you will post others of you both having a great time in Hawaii.

Jimi said...

Weather is fabulous. It got down to 71 over night, but popped back up to 75 today. There is a bit of wind, but not wind chill warning worthy.

Santini said...

That photo of the albatross sitting on its nest is very cool.