Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where is the winter?

There should be ice on the Mississippi River. I went down to Crosby Farm park to get some exercise on a day when the temperature here was an unlikely 54 degrees. The warmest January 10th on record here by about five degrees. There was no ice on the river and very little snow along the banks of the big river. Weird.

But I walked around Upper Lake and the ice there was intact, but big puddles of water adorned the surface. This kind of weather is confusing the crocuses and the cottonwood trees.  And some of the humans in town.

An unexpected gift from the white elephant party was this photo from 1965 that I hadn't seen in years, if ever. My memory isn't that good. It's the day in June that I graduated from Hamline University in St Paul. Forty six years have added wrinkles and subtracted hair. Thanks to Mark for bringing it and letting me keep it.  The photo was originally in color, but it's faded, and I converted to black and white to reflect its age

A special greeting to the old married folks who just celebrated their 47th anniversary. I wish them many more happy years.


Santini said...

I remember the day you graduated from Hamline pretty well, considering how long ago that was. Not quite as long ago as that last photo, but pretty close.

Thanks for posting the wedding photo. It seems like yesterday. And a million years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow, They look so young and my grandparents curtains look soooo dated. That was at my grandma and grandpas house. I still remember that house. So much has happened in 47 years. Most of it good.