Thursday, January 5, 2012


It has been an unseasonable day. It's really too warm for a Minnesota January day, but who's complaining.  It was 46 degrees in St Paul and 62 degrees somewhere in the southwest corner of the state. My appointment with a tennis racket isn't scheduled until tonight, so I decided to take a walk over by Minnehaha Falls. It was a little cloudy, but warm enough to bring out quite a few other walkers. I stopped by the falls, which is a trickle accompanied by icicles, and not very attractive. I trekked to the end of the creek where it enters the Mississippi, stopping now and then to appreciate the warmth and the afternoon light. At the end of the creek there is a bridge over the water. Because the creek level is low I was able to get a new vantage point and took a picture with the more well lit Mississippi River flowage in the background.

Along the way there are some nice views of the creek as the ice turned temporarily back to the liquid form.  It looks more like March than January.

It's Thursday night tennis at Wooddale, and I'm about to be on my way. I've been in a bit of a perceived slump since my layoff when I visited the Daughter of Norway, but I think the jet lag has finally passed and I feel like the slump may be history.

I'm starting to think that a white elephant party is in order. It's a good way to close down the Christmas/New Year season.

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Santini said...

It was 46 here this morning -- it is an odd winter we're having. But no complaints, it eventually got into the 60's. I like the first photo -- nice lighting.